TESCOM is home appliance manufacturer in Japan who focused on beauty products and kitchen products. Since its begining TESCOM has always developed many new products and technology.

  • 1974 – Released CURLING DRYERS FIRST in the world
  • 1995 – Released NEGATIVE ION DRYERS FIRST in Japan
  • 2009 – Released NEW PELTIER SYSTEM NANO ION DRYER and Curl Hair Dryer with CAMELLIA OIL (椿油) in the world
  • 2013 – Released VACUUM JUICE BLENDER FIRST in the world
  • 2014 – Released COLLAGEN DRYER FIRST in the world

Nobby by TESCOM is professional hair salon tool brand which is most popular with 70% of share in Japan. TESCOM also being the No. 1 Blender Market Share in Japan for 10 years in a row.

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